The Process

My Mission

Do you have a project you’re really passionate about? Does your company have a product they really want to get out there on market? Do you have dreams of hearing the words you have written, read aloud for the world to hear? 


Let me be the artist to bring your words to life - from ink to broadcast. 

The Beginning

First of all - let’s talk. 


Let’s talk about what you want, your deadlines and how and where you will use the recording. 


That’s it. Simple. 


My promise is to give you the fairest quote I can - the more information we can communicate, the more accurate a quote I can give you. What I can’t promise, is to give you a £5 bargain. If you need more information on the fee, just ask!

The Fees

The rates I provide are based on two aspects - The Work and The Usage. 


The Work


The Work Fee is set alongside current market rates - this being made up of a per session fee. In some cases, Online E-Learning, for example, the fee will be based on word count. 


The Usage


The Usage is based on where, when and how long the recording will be used for, for example, an advert for a local radio station or promo video on your youtube channel. In some cases, a buyout might be required - where you can buy the rights for the recording indefinitely. But in most cases, clients choose to license usage on a yearly basis. Usually, this is the less expensive way and gives you an easier time if your project doesn’t perform as expected! Renewal of the license is always available. 


Please see this wonderful voiceover resource for more information on rates -

The Middle

We will finalise the quote and order. If you’re happy, I’m happy. 


You can then send me the final draft of the script and some direction notes - it’s always easier if you can reference my demos or a video/ recording from elsewhere in the style you want. If you need a sample of a couple of lines or paragraphs, then I’m happy to create one.


Then it’s recording time. 

The End

Once the recording is done - edited and mastered to broadcast standard - I will send the final product to you in any format required - WAV, MP3 etc. Please note - any changes to the script once the recording is done, will incur a small extra cost. Any mistakes made by me will be rectified free of charge, as quickly as possible.


That's it. Simple.


From Ink to Broadcast.